Teijin Active Cooling Vest

Teijin Active Cooling Vest

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The mission for our designers was to create a comfortable, yet lightweight intelligent cooling solution that actively enhances the body’s natural cooling process. A unique vest like this makes effective equipment out in the field.

Our Active Cooling Vest is a battery-powered lightweight piece of clothing that cools down the user simply by amplifying his or her own cooling mechanism. With no requirement for pre-cooling or preparation, this is an innovative, practical plug-and-play tool. Simply by inserting the charged battery, it can support the body for up to six hours of uninterrupted use.

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One key area for us to help improve is for the firefighter’s personal safety & protection. The challenge in this field is pinpointing where and how your team are as they enter a building. Our aim therefore is to improve indoor situational awareness. In cooperation with multiple international fire brigades, we’re developing solutions to monitor the indoor location of our firefighters.

Meanwhile, as heat stress is one of the major issues, we can also help prevent this build-up of heat - by providing the fire crew with an Active Cooling Vest. This constant engagement with problem solving means we can provide meaningful solutions and safety to all concerned.

Heat stress

Strong physical exercise can raise the user’s core temperature above 37.5°C. This is an issue known all too well in hot environments and under high physical stress. It leads to lower performance, reduced concentration and fatigue. The risk therefore is clear, with the possibility of exposing the person to dangerous situations - and if the body rises to above 40°C, to life-threatening heat stroke and irreversible health effects.


Natural Cooling

In order to prevent dangerous levels of overheating the body needs to be cooled. The perspiratory cooling mechanism works well but can be hindered under working circumstances due to external factors, including protective clothing and lack of air movement. This causes the body’s own cooling system to be slowed significantly. For example, a firefighter’s outfit is made to protect their body from external threats such as heat, flame, sharp objects, fluids and more but it does not allow optimized evaporation of sweat to cool down the body. We choose to help overcome this problem by enhancing evaporation of sweat and add cooling when it is needed.


Our Solution

Teijin’s lightweight and comfortable vest offers active cooling with an innovative textile concept to use your sweat more effectively as coolant. Readily available weighty cool packs based on ice, water or Phase Changing Material (PCM) need to be pre-prepared and recharged frequently, whereas our integrated rechargeable battery driven fans lead air through a specially designed textile and remove sweat to enhance the cooling effect of the body. It’s a plug-and-play system that cools where and when cooling is needed and additionally keeps you outer jacket dry from sweat. Teijin’s active cooling vest is available in five different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) in order to ensure an optimized fit and performance.


  • Self regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative design & technology
  • Plug-and-play
  • Ice & water free
  • Constant cooling
  • Body fitting cut


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Designed and developed by TEIJIN in close cooperation with: LHD, Producer of Advanced Protection & clothing solutions.

Tested and supported by Saxion, University of Applied Sciences and Firefighters from The Netherlands and Germany