Joachim Posanz reaches 1st place at the Firefighter Stair Climb in Oberhof

Joachim Posanz reaches 1st place at the Firefighter Stair Climb in Oberhof

Arnhem, 17/05/2022 – On the 9th of April, Joachim Posanz, an Active Cooling Vest ambassador, reached 1st place in the "mixed" and the "advanced" class. During his preparation for the firefighter stair run in Oberhof, Joachim made use of The Active Cooling Vest to regulate his body temperature during cardiovascular activities. We would like to congratulate Joachim on the amazing results reached!


120 meters above ground

Over 400 firefighters from five countries - Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany- ran up the 701 stair cases of the 120 meters tall ski jump platform at the the Kanzlersgrund in Oberhof, Germany. Additionally, the stairs have different heights, meaning that participants had to use their energy wisely not to get too fatigued before the end. As an extra challenge, the firefighters were carrying compressed air bottles and breathing masks, while wearing their firefighter suit. In total, the participants were carrying approximately 30kg of extra weight. The run was designed to simulate an operation in a high rise building. As team-work is a crucial part of the rescue, time saved can mean more saved lives. 216 teams consisting of a man and a woman together with a mixed class competed for the first places. 


For a good cause

The proceeds of the event will go to “Run4Kids”, a charity organization that organizes charity runs across Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 60% of the proceeds are directed towards "Fit4Future", an organization that motivates children to exercise and follow a healthier diet. With an ultimate goal of reducing physical and mental issues in the future. The other 40% goes to non-profit organizations that supports and guides refugee children and their families from Ukraine.


Number 1

Joachim was able to reach 1st position in two different classes, one in the "mixed" class together with his wife, with an overall time of 8.33 minutes and in the "advanced" class - together with a fellow firefighter - with an overall time of 7.21 minutes. The latter being the third fastest time overall. A second place was also achieved in another oldies class, with an overall time of 7.42 minutes. Joachim completed the stair course three different times, climbing a total of 2,103 stairs.


We at Teijin Smart Safety are incredibly proud of Joachim and his efforts regarding different charity runs. We look forward to continuously help Joachim achieve high results for the benefit of different people in need.