The Active Cooling Vest and SmartShoulder at ExpoRIC 2022

The Active Cooling Vest and SmartShoulder at ExpoRIC 2022

Arnhem, 13/04/2022 – On the 18th and 19th of May at Twente airport in Enschede the Netherlands, the 2022 version of ExpoRIC will occur. As this is one of the biggest events for the emergencies services within the Netherlands, we would not miss the opportunity to showcase our innovations. At the expo, Teijin Smart Safety will present its Active Cooling Vest and the SmartShoulder. We will also give a sneak preview of our new product that is tailored to ensure firefighter safety no matter the place.

ExpoRIC 2022

ExpoRIC is considered the biggest and most important event for professionals of all of the public emergency services in the Netherlands. It includes: police, firefighting, defense, healthcare (ambulance) and road services. Professionals in the area of private firefighting, health services and crisis management are also included. Each year thousands of visitors are present on the two days. This year, over 200 companies are expected to be present, all with a focus on keeping emergency workers safer. Next to the activities within main hall, demo’s will also be given outside.


Battery operated body cooling

Cooling vests tend to be either based on ice or on Phase Changing Materials (PCM). Those types of body cooling tend to offer necessary cooling for only a short amount of time. Due to this, undercooling is at a higher chance of happening. Because of the materials used, they also tend to be heavy, limiting freedom of movement and usability. Because of this limiting factors, a battery operated cooling vest was developed by Teijin.


Active Cooling Vest

Focused on the safety of emergency workers, the Smart Safety team, has developed a new and innovative way of providing effective body cooling. The Active Cooling Vest is a battery operated cooling vest that can provide effective and constant body cooling for up to six hours uninterrupted. The battery powers six high-performance fans that assists a specially designed textile to optimize the body’s natural cooling capabilities. The textile is capable of efficiently dispersing sweat, as the fabric absorbs the sweat, the body is able to speed up its natural cooling capabilities.      


Improving visibility in low light conditions

Emergency workers have to sometimes deal working in conditions where lighting is poor. If it is the police looking for a suspect in a dark forest or an ambulance paramedic rescuing a worker in a underground construction site, low lighting can make the crucial task at hand even more challenging. The holding of a flashlight can be both inconvenient and not effective, as the light ray only illuminates a small area. An opportunity existed to develop a solution for improving visibility in poorly lit environments.



SmartShoulder is a smart safety vest that is equipped with three LED lights that are capable of automatically adjusting the brightness according to the environment. The sensor located within the safety vest is capable of sensing the current lighting conditions in the area. Based on an array of different settings, the sensor selects the most fitting brightness. If a rapid loss of light occurs, it will automatically turn on all lights in an instant. In the near future, a man-down and panic function will be integrated. 


See the Active Cooling Vest and the SmartShoulder at ExpoRIC 2022

Our team will be showcasing both the Active Cooling Vest and the SmartShoulder at the Teijin Smart Safety booth, number E21. There, you will be able to have a nice cup of coffee with our team to talk about both products. During the event, our team will be giving a sneak preview of our new solution, which is specially tailored for firefighters.


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