Mission Navigation Belt at Enforce Tac 2022

Mission Navigation Belt at Enforce Tac 2022

Arnhem, 21/02/2022 – After a two year break, Enforce Tac is finally back in 2022, taking place in Nuremberg in Germany on the 1st and 2nd of March. We at Teijin Smart Safety would of course not miss it! To solidify our presence at the exhibition, we are thrilled to show one of our many innovative products, the Mission Navigation Belt.

Enforce Tac 2022

Enforce Tac is an international exhibit and conference for law enforcement, tactical solutions and homeland security. Security professionals and experts from different areas such as: police, judiciary, border protection, customs, military police and armed forces are present at the exhibition. Enforce Tac is an incredibly popular exhibition, with the last version in 2019 having 304 exhibitors and over 4,700 visitors. The exhibition is known for showcasing innovative and exciting products within the security market.

Navigation solutions for militaries and front line professionals

The Mission Navigation Belt will be the main product highlighted at Enforce Tac 2022. It is an unique situational awareness solution that can be used both by militaries and front line professionals around the world. Due to a smart and innovative technology used in the belt, soldiers and agents are able to navigate via GPS without any glaring screen or sound. It is specially tailored for undercover or covert missions, where stealthiness is crucial to the mission success.  

Haptic feedback navigation technology

To allow the user full mobility and stealth, the Mission Navigation Belt uses haptic feedback technology. Those are little motors inside the belt that are connected to the user’s navigation system. These motors are highly sensitive and quiet, allowing for the soldier to focus on the vibrations given by the belt, without any distractions or providing any cues to its external environment. The powerful nature of the motors, allows for users to use it in difficult terrains or loud areas, making it ideal during action.

Developed in partnership with Elitac Wearables, the algorithm works together with the current GPS system to transmit navigation cues. The system is compatible with most navigation systems used by army’s in the world, for example the VOSS Soldier system, used by the Dutch army. As it is connected directly to the main system, no external power supply is required.

Proven design

The Mission Navigation Belt can be used in any weather condition, mostly due to its proven and tested design. The high quality materials used, provide an ability for users to cross small lakes, crawl and climb without worrying damaging the belt. Its lightweight and ergonomic design further allows for extra mobility and comfort. To fully contour the user’s body and allow for maximum performance, the belt can be adjusted precisely due to a patented design. 

See the Mission Navigation Belt at Enforce Tac 2022

Our sales team will be showcasing the Mission Navigation Belt at Enforce Tac 2022 in the Teijin Aramid booth, number 12-470. There, you will be able to see it in person and have a nice cup of coffee with a member of our sales team.

If you would like to come in contact with one of our sales team member right now or learn more about the Mission Navigation Belt, click here.