Rescue Training Center Nord announced as a new Active Cooling Vest partner

Rescue Training Center Nord announced as a new Active Cooling Vest partner

Arnhem, 12/05/2022 – We welcome Rescue-Training-Center-Nord as a new partner for our Active Cooling Vest! Rescue-Training-Center-Nord is a training center for technical assistance that offers seminars and exercises for volunteer fire brigades and other emergency services in northern Germany. The team and participants will test the vest during their intensive seminars and exercises. We at Teijin Smart Safety, couldn't be more excited about this new partnership. Because it will not only bring great benefits to new and aspiring volunteer firefighters, it will also translate to a safer society. Eight Active Cooling Vests are made available to the team in Germany.

Seminars and exercises by firefighters for firefighters.

The Rescue-Training-Center-Nord is located in Bargteheide, a small town just outside Hamburg, it offers on-site seminars and exercises for volunteer firefighters from all parts of Germany. It currently offers over ten different seminars and exercises on dynamic and challenging situations. The team gives general seminars on vehicle and traffic accidents, as a result of their experience and knowledge they also specialize in giving special seminars on very specific situations and topics for firefighters and other emergency responders. This includes: rescue from special vehicles (electric vehicles, trucks and buses), general rescue methods, team leadership, victim care and much more. The team currently consists of eight trainers around owner and trainer Michael Schermer.

Combining safety and innovation.

The training center was founded by volunteer firefighter and rescue instructor Michael Schermer. Having worked with volunteer firefighters for over 40 years, he is currently a member of the Weber-Rescue-Systems training team. Rescue-Training-Center-Nord provided a great opportunity for him to share his knowledge and expertise with other volunteer firefighters. Michael is currently serving as the main manager and trainer.

Keeping firefighters cool under any situation

Heat stress is a common occurrence for firefighters, and in some, more severe cases, a heat stroke can occur. Unnecessary stress and an added workload can significantly interfere with a firefighter's critical work. That's why the Teijin Smart Safety team developed the Active Cooling Vest. It is an innovative body cooling solution that automatically keeps firefighters cool even in the most challenging situations. The vest uses a breakthrough technology that optimizes the body's cooling mechanism to keep itself cool. The special fabric used in the cooling vest attracts sweat and allows it to quickly evaporate in order to improve the body's natural cooling effect. Due to the dry-outer jacket, the jacket is able to stay mostly dry during its use. Six high-performance fans support the textile to further evaporate accumulated body sweat. Using an efficient and compact battery, the Active Cooling Vest is completely plug and play.

If you want to know more about the Rescue-Training-Center-Nord, you can visit their profile on Facebook.

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