Teijin Smart Safety will be joining forces with Teijin Aramid at Interschutz 2022

Teijin Smart Safety will be joining forces with Teijin Aramid at Interschutz 2022

Arnhem, 30/05/2022 – After seven years, the biggest firefighter trade fair in Europe is back in Hannover. From the 20th until the 25th of June, over 1,200 companies and public parties from all across the globe will be showcasing their products and services at the trade fair. To solidify Teijin’s commitment to improve personal safety, Teijin Smart Safety together with our colleagues from Teijin Aramid will showcase our latest products and developments geared towards firefighters and other emergency services. You will be able to find us at Hall 15 Booth D52.

Interschutz Hannover 

Considered the biggest firefighter, rescue services, civil protection, safety and security trade fair in Europe and one of the biggest in the World, Interschutz is held every five years, with the last edition dating back to 2015. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 version of the event was postponed by two years. After the unusual circumstances, over 150,000 visitors are expected during the six days of the event.

At the 2022 version of Interschutz, next to experiencing the innovative safety solutions from Teijin, visitors will be also able to attend over six different side events. Those include: simulations of rescue in critical areas, conferences, competitions – including the 2022 FireFit European Championships -, demonstrations of emergency services from different countries, guest speakers and many lecture programs.

Pinball for charity 

At the Teijin Smart Safety booth, visitors will be able to play in a classic pinball machine. Each day, if the daily target score is reached, a specific amount of funds will be donated to an non-profit organization that is focused on assisting firefighters in need. The charities will be announced at the day of the event.  

Teijin Smart Safety at Interschutz 2022 

To celebrate the return of Interschutz, Teijin Smart Safety will be launching a new and innovative product tailored for firefighters, the Indoor Situational Awareness System (ISA). There you will also be able to see and experience two of our other Smart Safety products, the Active Cooling Vest and the SmartShoulder.

Indoor Situational Awareness 

A solution to track and locate personnel in real-time inside a building is something desired by many firefighters and public officials from all around the world. After many years of development, Teijin Smart Safety was able to develop a functional product to track and trace firefighters inside an indoor environment. The ISA system works thru a sensor located on the firefighters foot and a control unit that transmits the real-time location of the firefighter in 3D to a tablet that is held by the commander in charge. During Interschutz, live demonstrations will be given in the Smart Safety booth.

Active Cooling Vest 

The battery powered cooling vest from Teijin makes use of a special fabric that assists the body to evaporate body sweat. When using protective personal equipment (PPE), the evaporation of sweat can be hindered, making the body unable to fully cool itself. A total of six fans located on the front and on the back of the vest, further assists the fabric to evaporate sweat, allowing for the body to optimize its own natural ability to cool itself. If fully charged, the battery in the Active Cooling Vest is able to provide constant cooling for at least up to six hours.


The SmartShoulder is a smart safety vest that is equipped with three LED lights that can automatically adjust accordingly to the current lighting conditions of the environment around the vest. The sensor located on the top of the vest is also able to detect a sudden loss of light. If all lighting is lost rapidly, the sensor instantly detects the conditions and accordingly changes the light ray, without any delay. Two elastic straps ensure a tailored fit, allowing for full comfort.


If you would like to know more about our products, click here to visit the Active Cooling Vest product page. If you are interested in the SmartShoulder, click here to know more. 

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