Indoor Situational Awareness

Indoor Situational Awareness

Working together towards a safer society.

The innovative system is able to locate you in real-time and accurately when GPS is not an option. Every day firefighters are exposed to risks in order to guard the safety of our society. With our Indoor Situational Awareness system (ISA), we make this task safer. The first big step in improving indoor situational awareness is providing an accurate location of the firefighter in a building to the commander. This is what the ISA system is capable of at this moment. In the near future, ISA will be enhanced with other features, all aimed at making the firefighter operations safer.

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No infrastructure required

To be of value to the firefighter in the field any system used needs to be robust, independent and fully functioning even under difficult circumstances. The positioning feature of ISA does not require any existing infrastructure on-site to operate. Providing the commander with a highly accurate three-dimensional view of where their personnel is located within the building.

Designed with the safety of firefighters in mind

Besides the technically challenging task to locate and track the firefighter indoors in a robust and highly accurate way, providing a good interface to the ongoing firefighter operation is very important. Exploiting the state of the art research in this area, the user interfaces of the ISA system are designed and tested in close cooperation with the end user.


  • 3-Dimensional
  • Autonomous
  • Real-time
  • High-accuracy
  • Designed for firefighters
  • Simple to use

The Indoor Situational Awareness system has been tested and developed in close cooperation with Brandweer Twente, Brandweer Zone Centrum and Hovedstadens Beredskab.

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