SmartShoulder and Active Cooling Vest at Industrie-Club Hannover

SmartShoulder and Active Cooling Vest at Industrie-Club Hannover

Arnhem 23/03/2022 – Our SmartShoulder and Active Cooling Vest were showcased at an event of the Industrie-Club Hannover in Germany. Mr. Thomas Röttcher, the acting managing director of the Detlef Paulsen GmbH Hannover / Sarstedt branch, had the pleasure of introducing the Active Cooling Vest and the SmartShoulder. Two of the many innovative products created by the Solutions 2.0 department of Teijin.

Industrie-Club Hannover

One of the oldest business clubs in Germany, Industrie-Club Hannover was founded in 1887, under the name of “Fabrikanten-Verein” or “Factory-association”. The club acts as a forum and networking place for management boards and managing directors of over 220 companies within the Lower Saxony region, having a special focus on the city and metropolitan area of Hannover.


Ensuring workplace health and safety

Workers in high-risk areas such as industrial and construction, face constant risks and dangers that could negatively impact the most important aspect in our life, our health. Detlef Paulsen offers occupational safety, tools and factory equipment. All products available are in compliance according to European standards and directives, guaranteeing the highest quality and comfort. Along with ensuring the highest standards of safety, the company ensures that all operational processes are within a sustainable framework. With seven stores located in Germany, Detlef Paulsen also offers services in occupational safety, ensuring that the EC Framework Directive 89/391/EEC standards are implemented correctly within the workplace.

Smart personal protective equipment’s

As the world is evolving each second that passes by, smart devices and gadgets have become a part of our daily lives. That change has now arrived to personal protective equipment’s. Solutions 2.0 of Teijin is constantly developing and seeking ways to further innovate when it comes to workplace health and safety. These are the two of our products that were showcased at Industrie-Club Hannover:

Active Cooling Vest

The latest and innovative solution in body cooling, The Active Cooling Vest offers constant and effective cooling without the risk of under-cooling. The vest helps cool the body by using a special textile that quickly absorbs sweat and allows the body to use its natural cooling capabilities more effectively. Six high-performance fans assist the textile to speed up the process of evaporating accumulated sweat, helping it to perform in its full capacity at all times. The battery in the vest, can last up to six continuous hours, the plug and play design allows it for a user friendly experience, requiring no additional preparation.


SmartShoulder is a safety vest equipped with four high luminous LED lights that are adjusted automatically according to the environment. Poor lighting conditions makes executing risky tasks even more dangerous, or the act of holding a flashlight with your mouth can greatly limit freedom of movement, adding even more unnecessary risks. The sensors within the vest are able to detect current lighting conditions and adjust the brightness accordingly. The button, located on the front of the vest allows it for the user to manually overwrite the system and adjust brightness according to its own preference. As part of the modular design of the safety vest, the lights and its main control module can be removed, allowing for the vest to be washed as normal. The vest is also water resistant, meaning that it can function under rainy conditions without any trouble.

If you would like to watch the presentation given by Mr. Röttcher at Industrie-Club Hannover and see our products in action, click here. (Video in German)

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