Successful testing conducted by our partner OTROLICA in Sweden

Successful testing conducted by our partner OTROLICA in Sweden

Arnhem, 19 April 2022 - During the past months, our partner in Sweden, OTROLICA conducted extensive tests with our Mission Navigation Belt to ensure further reliability and efficiency improvements. 

Extensive testing in dynamic conditions

These tests were conducted at the OTROLICA facilities and on selected locations in the south of Sweden. The first phase of tests, were conducted in a controlled environment to fully test the current capabilities and short comings of both the hardware and software. After the first evaluation of the Mission Navigation Belt was conducted on specific and pre-determined conditions, the belt was tested in real-world scenarios, with those being conducted in the dynamic and challenging conditions of the southern Swedish wilderness.

Team-work on and off the field

Due to the dynamic characteristic of the Mission Navigation Belt, the issues encountered were multifaceted. Otto Carlander, managing director of OTROLICA, an expert in sensory and tactile solutions, stated that due to the multifaceted nature of the problem, which involves the technology, the application and the user experience, different degrees of possibilities are present, making locating and solving the issue even more challenging. The tests were repeated and replicated to ensure the best and most accurate data gathering. With the help of the Teijin Smart Safety team and developing partner Elitac Wearables, the issues that were encountered during the test period were successfully solved.

Trust and reliability the core of the product

Results showed that, after the testing and problem solving, The Mission Navigation Belt was able to guide users in a pre-determined route quicker and more efficiently, using only tactile navigation. Further, users noted that after the improvements made to the belt, it made them more comfortable, and trust was built and offered a more reliable guiding. That feeling was also noticed by multi-user testing, as the team of three individuals were navigating routes quicker and more efficiently than before. Tests from waypoints were also conducted afterwards, a greater improvement in consistency and speed was noticed in comparison to pre-test results. OTROLICA will be further conducting more extensive and complex tests in the near future. It will seek to further ensure the safety, speed and reliability of the system, while maintaining a great level of user experience.

Mission Navigation Belt

For a soldier to maintain a good level of situational awareness in the field, equipment such as screens and radios are often necessary. This can be a huge issue, especially when executing covert missions, it can help the enemy pinpoint the opponents exact location, crucially exposing the mission and endangering the squad assigned. Covert methods of navigation are necessary, The Mission Navigation Belt uses haptic feedback. It works by guiding the user using small vibrating motors, eliminating the need of any other form of situational awareness equipment. Due to the versatility of this innovative technology, it can be incorporated into other existing equipment’s, facilitating the load and versatility problems encountered by the soldier during combat. 


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