The Active Cooling Vest is highly praised by firefighters during training

The Active Cooling Vest is highly praised by firefighters during training

Arnhem, 15/06/2022 – In different rescue training sessions conducted by Rescue-Training-Center-Nord, one of our Active Cooling Vest partners, five firefighters were asked about their experience with the cooling vest. Participants were asked about comfortability, usability and the overall feeling of the vest. The tests were conducted before, during, and after the exercises performed at the training grounds in Bargteheide, Germany.

Testing conditions

Five firefighters - four men and one woman - involved in different training exercises were chosen to test the Active Cooling Vest. The training exercises varied and were carried out by the highly experienced Rescue-Training-Center-Nord team. Weather conditions at the time of the training scenarios were different, with in some occasions being sunny while in some other cases being cloudy. Temperatures varied from 11°C, and reached up to 16°C.

First impressions

In the first round of questions, participants were asked about their first impressions and overall feeling of the vest. Questions about the convenience of putting the vest on and taking it off along with opening and closing the vest were among the questions asked. The majority of the participants were very happy with putting on and taking off the vest. The same feeling was shared when opening and closing the vest. It was added that the weight of the vest was extremely satisfactory, with it being perceived as very lightweight.

Cooling comfort

The Active Cooling Vest works by improving the body's natural capability to cool itself, which is done by sweating. The textile used in the vest absorbs sweat and with the assistance of six powerful fans the absorbed sweat is quickly evaporated. During some of the activities performed, the vest was also used in combination with a PPE.

One of the questions asked, regarded the amount of moisture felt during activities. Almost all participants felt that the vest performed very well when dissipating moisture. The same feeling was felt after activities as well. The main advantages stated was the cooling and comfort that the vest provided to the user. An improvement in concentration was also noted by one participant.

The majority stated that a cooler feeling was noticed afterwards when using the vest during the different activities performed. A better feeling of air circulation was also noticed, with the feeling of heat build-up and stuffiness being lessened. Some also stated that the added value of Active Cooling Vest was definitely noticed both during and after physical stress.

The Active Cooling Vest and Rescue-Training-Center-Nord at Interschutz 2022

After seven years the biggest firefighting, rescue services, civil protection and, safety and security trade fair is back. From the 20th until the 25th of June in Hannover, Germany, over 1,200 companies will be showcasing their latest innovations. This edition will be the first time that Teijin Smart Safety will be present at Interschutz. The team will be joining Teijin Aramid at booth D52 in hall 15.

On the 24th of June, Mr. Michael Schermer, the founder and main instructor of Rescue-Training-Center-Nord, will be present at our booth. On this day, you will be able to get to know more about the training center, and the different training scenarios that are given by the team.

During the event, you will also be able to experience the Active Cooling Vest along with some of our other innovative products. If you would like to learn more about the Active Cooling Vest, click here to visit the product page.