The SmartShoulder undergoes usability testing at partner Elitac Weareables

The SmartShoulder undergoes usability testing at partner Elitac Weareables

Arnhem 13/06/2022 – The smart safety vest from Teijin, the SmartShouder, underwent different tests to test the usability of the vest. Three different tests were conducted, the first to test the lighting feature, the second to test different lighting settings and the third to test overall comfortability and usability of the vest. The tests were conducted at the facilities of our development partner, Elitac Wearables, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lighting feature

To test the current lighting feature of the SmartShoulder, users were asked to perform certain work-place activities such as climbing ladders, working in different positions, and carrying boxes. The tests were conducted in different rooms, where lighting conditions were consistently changing. Among those conditions, blackouts were also simulated to test the blackout feature present in the vest. The black-out feature that is incorporated into the sensor present in the vest can recognize a sudden loss of light, automatically turning on all lights at full capacity. 

Lighting settings

Different lighting settings were tested with different participants. Luminosity and timing delay settings were changed in some scenarios. Luminosity settings varied according to lux amounts, with the lighting in some cases being brighter and in other cases being more dimmed. The delay settings for the black-out function were also changed, varying by milliseconds in response time before the light turned-on to full luminosity. Different light colors were also tested, varying from cool to warm white.

Comfort and durability

Finally, participants were asked about the overall comfort and the current layout of the safety vest. The vest possesses two different elastic bands that allow the user to further adjust the fit of the vest to the body.  The use of the vest with work gloves was also conducted to test the resistance and sizing of the on/off button. Durability tests such as resistance to drops, scrapes and water tightness were also conducted.

Positive feedback

At the end, the participants were asked to share their overall thoughts on the testing. The majority of users stated that the SmartShoulder performed better than expected. The lighting feature performed as expected in most scenarios, with certain settings performing better than others. The black-out feature was highly praised by all users, with most being happy with the speed of the change to 100% luminosity. Users further stated that they preferred a warmer tone of white, as a cooler level tended to be annoying and, in some cases, even impairing. It was also noticed by the tests that freedom of movement was not impaired by the extra weight in comparison to a regular safety vest. The lighting feature will be further tweaked to achieve a higher level of efficiency and visibility in the future.

The SmartShoulder at Interschutz 2022

The SmartShoulder will be debuting a brand new vest design during Interschutz 2022. Improvements resulting from the test will also be implemented in the new version of the safety vest. From there, users will be able to experience the lighting feature and learn more about the vest. The Teijin Smart Safety booth is located in hall 15, booth number D52. There, you will also be able to see and experience some of our other products.

If you would like to know more about the SmartShoulder, click here to visit the product page.