Teijin Active Cooling Vest for outside workers

Teijin Active Cooling Vest for outside workers

Working together towards a safer society for outside workers.

If you're working outside, it will probably sound familiar to you: you're working in warm environments, wearing safety gear, sweating, but you need to stay sharp. This can be a big challenge. People with jobs that require them to be outside a lot, such as military personnel, construction workers, road workers and police officers, are at greater risk of overheating and exhaustion because there are few options to keep your body cool.

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Taking a break or cooling off in an air-conditioned room is often not an option under these circumstances. In fact, such a space is not always available, and the transition from cool to warm often makes it more physically challenging for these people. Heat stress and fatigue are therefore at a greater risk of happening.

Cooling solution for workers working outdoors

The Active Cooling Vest provides cooling for those who have to work outdoor (in protective clothing) and need to have an optimal cooling solution, while still needing to perform their work optimally.

Teijin's comfortable lightweight vest offers active cooling with an innovative textile concept that uses sweat more effectively as a cooling agent.

Other cooling vests that are currently present on the market, based on such as water, ice or phase change material, tend to be heavy and uncomfortable. Those options also limit freedom of movement during physical work activities. For those who work on outdoor environments, where protective clothing is necessary, a less restricting body cooling option is required. The Active Cooling Vest is battery operated, where no extra preparations are necessary. With a full charge, constant cooling is provided for up to about six hours. Because of the extensive operating time, work does not to be interrupted for extensive cooling, allowing it for efficient and optimal working conditions.

The rechargeable battery-powered fans integrated in the Active Cooling Vest, further help the air to channel thru the special designed fabric, eliminating any accumulated sweat. This process increases the body’s capacity to cool itself, allowing your work clothes to be sweat-free. Teijin's Active Cooling Vest is available in four different sizes (S, M, L, XL)* so there is always an optimal fit to achieve the best possible performance.

*Other sizes available on request

  • Self-regulating
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative technology and design
  • Plug-and-play
  • No ice and water required
  • Constant cooling
  • Tailored fit

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Designed and developed by TEIJIN in close cooperation with: LHD, Producer of Advanced Protection & clothing solutions.

Tested and supported by Saxion, University of Applied Sciences and Firefighters from The Netherlands and Germany