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Technicians often work alone in dangerous environments with limited amounts of light. To assist in their work and to keep them safe, our design team have come up with an ingenious solution; the SmartShoulder - an innovative and wearable tool that increases safety for service engineers working alone and under hazardous conditions.

SmartShoulder is a safety vest with sensors for autonomous lighting – these fitted lights shine upon the technician’s working area to help them do their job. Meanwhile it can also detect if the wearer is in a ‘man-down’ situation - and if so, to make the essential emergency call. Furthermore, this alarm can be actively triggered by the wearer, whenever or wherever he or she feels unsafe.

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Industrial workers and engineers

Professionals in industry and utility roles often work alone or in potentially dangerous environments. Our team is developing the next step in working safely, with a better means to focus on the job in hand. Our SmartShoulder technology provides automated light assistance and it will alert the central control room, should something happen to the wearer. With this in mind, we’re striving to seek out the safety issues for industrial professionals, and provide more meaningful solutions for your team.


  • Automated lighting In low-light environments light assistance is activated automatically.
  • Man-down alarm It registers a sudden fall. If the wearer doesn’t respond, a call for help is activated.
  • Alarm button When the wearer is in an unsafe situation, he or she can push the alarm button; a call for help will be activated.

SmartShoulder is currently under development by Teijin in cooperation with HAVEP and Elitac Wearables. Prototypes are currently being tested in the field with mechanics and technicians. The development partners are investigating the compatibility of current safety regulations for industrial protective wear with electronics.


“SmartShoulder, an innovative wearable tool that increases safety for service engineers working alone or under dangerous conditions.”

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The SmartShoulder prototypes are being tested with mechanics and technicians. The partners will now investigate the compatibility with current safety regulations for industrial protective wear and electronics. Are you interested in the SmartShoulder? Connect with us via the form below.

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